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If you haven't already been made aware, we unfortunately have had to issue unwelcome and substantial price increases due mostly to Brexit, although Covid 19 and continuing unprecedented supply chain issues have also played their part.  

Unfortunately frictionless trade and no additional charges for moving goods between the UK and EU is simply 


This increase is effective from 10th August 2021, on all gates and ironmongery products.


SIZE                    Field Gate Price (HT)    Curved/Manor/Exmoor Gate Price (HT)

12ft or 3.65m                   225                             330

11ft or 3.4m                    215                             320

10ft or 3.0m                    205                             310

9ft or 2.7m                     195                             300

8ft or 2.4m                     185                             290

7ft or 2.1m                     175                             280

6ft or 1.8m                     170                             275

5ft or 1.5m                     165                             275

4ft o 1.2m                      160                             265

3ft or 0.9m                     155                             265

Other bespoke sizes can be made to order, priced at the size above what you require plus a 20.00€ surcharge i.e. a 1.3m gate would cost the same as a 1.5m gate - 135€ plus 20€ = 155 euros. All prices plus TVA at 20%

Apply 5% discount to orders of 5 gates or more.

Please see options for hinges and ironwork below.


Gate Post Four Way Weather Oak 2.1m x 180mm x 180mm                85.00

Gate Post Four Way Weather Oak 2.1m x 150mm x 150mm                70.00

Fence Post Treated Machined Pine 1.8m in length                             7.00

Fence Post One Way Weather Treated Pine***                              14.50

Rail Machined Half Round 3.6m long***                                        9.50

Rail Square Cut 3.6m x 88mm x 38mm***                                     9.50

Standard ironmongery kit (see below)                                         15.00

Bolt on Plate Hanging Kit                                                      20.00

Standard high quality galvanised hanging kits comprise:- Top and bottom hinge straps (for gate), top (bolt through) and bottom hinge (driven) hooks (for post) and a hook & staple catch. Bolt-on plates, easier for hanging gates on square posts rather than round, are also available.

All prices plus TVA at 20%.  *** = Limited stocks available - may have to be special order. 

All latches, including hunting, auto lock, throw-over, monkey tailed bolts, etc. are 18.50€ each plus TVA. A double kit (throw-over latch and two drop bolts) is 55.00 euros plus TVA.A lockable throw-over double gate kit, complete with two drop bolts, is available at 60.00€ plus TVA. 

PLEASE NOTE - Gate posts and ironwork, due to ongoing supply issues and import challenges, cannot be purchased alone.


Delivery charges, up to a large trailer load, are at 45 cents per kilometre each way, with a minimum charge of 25€- please call for details. 

Where possible, we will try to reduce delivery cost by combining delivery with other clients. It helps you and is much greener!

You are welcome to visit to discus your requirements or pick up any materials from our farm with prior arrangement.